Visitor suspension information.

What is visitor suspension? 

This involves suspending all in person visits inside the store to limit contact and reduce the chances of spreading COVID-19. 

Will this effect my regular purchases? 

No it just means people cant browse the shop in person, but they can brows most of our products online and either buy online and get them delivered or book a park and collect appointment

What is park and collect

park and collect works by choosing your products online and either paying for them then or paying via payment link outside of the store, an appointment must be made before you collect. This can be done in many ways, either phone, email, Facebook message or use our appointment system. Appointments can not be made on the day we require one days notice but are very flexible on when appointments can be made. We will then bring your products to your car to keep contact to a minimum. This method avoids online delivery fees and provides a very similar service to usual store service whilst providing a safer environment for staff and customers. 

Can I still buy livestock? 

We are taking COVID-19 very seriously and due to the latest government advice on limiting purchases and interactions to only essential items we are choosing to suspend all livestock sales until it is safe to resume sales, as this is not an essential service. 

Are you going to go out of business? 

No we certainly are not, we are still open for business just not as a walk in at the moment. 

When will visitor suspension be lifted? 

We have set a date for May 1st but this of course depends on the situation nearer the time. we may be open before this date if things suddenly improve or may have to extend it if things get worse