Customer notice:

Customers are now once again welcome to brows the fish room. Please note everyone must wear masks in this area including any children of any age. and a maximum of two people including children at any time. please see our full list of rules on the home page. thank you. 

Sussex corals  

Ethical, modern reef keeping. 

Sussex corals is located within Sussex dart frogs and is our fantastic marine department.

We will only stock quality farmed coral, ethically sourced fish and livestock. We love the ocean and the reefs and want to have as little impact on them as possible. We only buy from professional coral growers where corals are either grown right here in the UK or farmed overseas helping local communities make a living without having to collect from and damage the reefs. Our reef department focuses on quality and sustainability by using modern advancements in reef keeping unlike many fish stores we will not sell any animal or coral that can not be kept, happily long term in an aquarium. We value quality over quantity. Please click on one of the images below to shop online and get high quality corals delivered to your door from a genuine bricks and mortar store. Free delivery on orders over £100. Or your welcome to visit us in store