Mourning gecko care:

Mourning geckos are easy to care for and can be kept with dart frogs to create a very interesting set up. 

Size: Adults get up to 4 inches in length. 

Recommended size terrarium: around 30x30x45 for a pair or a few juveniles, the larger 30x30x60 or bigger is recommended for a group of adults. 


this should be extremely well sealed as these geckos will get through the smallest of gaps. We always seal and wires or pipes that go into the terrarium with aquarium sealant as well as front vents on exo terras or similar. Their housing should be tall as these geckos love to climb. It should feature many branches and hiding places to make the geckos feel secure. 

Heating: these geckos like temperatures the same as dart frogs of mid 70's and should not go above 80. A small heat bulb can be used if needed to raise the heat a little or a heat mat and thermostat will usually work fine. Temperature gauges should also be used as usual to monitor temperature in the enclosure. 

Humidity: should be at least 50% but higher is better and they will tolerate very high levels up to 90% 

Temperament: these geckos should not be handled as they are extremely fast and stress if handled. They do well in groups as long as enough space is provided. 

Feeding: these geckos eat fruit flies, micro crickets and gecko diets. They should be supplemented with a quality multi vitamin supplement. 

Lighting: We use a low percent UVB with these geckos such as a 7% shade dweller by Arcadia. 

temperment: mourning geckos are very fast so handling is not recommended. They do well in groups providing enough space is provided. 

Breeding: is extremely easy with these geckos as they are all capable to laying fertile eggs without a male present.