Customer notice: 

As of boxing day December 26th we are currently under tier 4 restrictions, in light of this the livestock area of the store will be closed and no customers will be allowed past the screen doors. all sales can be easily made from our contactless visitor area at the front of the store and the perspex windows can be used to show any livestock if needed our mask rules still apply within this area. 

rules for entry: 

We are using a traffic light system to limit the number of people in our store at the same time. Green light, please come in red light please wait outside until it turns green. 

A maximum of two people from the same family may entre the store at the same time.

If you are at all unwell or show any symptoms such as a cough, temperature or loss of smell and taste do not come into the store. 

children are welcome but please make sure they are capable of keeping 2 meters apart from staff and are well monitored by the parents and please be aware if they are showing any symptoms.  

face shields on their own and bandanas or similar are not allowed inside the store. All customers must wear a properly fitting face mask, clothing pulled up around your nose dose not count as a mask.

A Face mask or covering must be worn inside the store at all times and must cover your nose and mouth properly. including children over 12.

Only people with a medical condition are exempt from this rule, if you can not wear a mask for medical reasons we will ask you to wait inside the visitor entrance and serve you from there you will not be allowed inside the livestock room. Please consider if your reason for visiting without a mask is an important one as even exempt customers do still pose a higher risk to the store without a mask on. we do also offer contactless park and collect service direct to your car.   

Hand sanitiser must be used when entering the store. If your allergic please inform a member of staff and we can assist you with gloves. 

please wait by the floor sticker when you come in for a member of staff to say it is ok the come in. this helps us check all customers are wearing masks. 

When inside the store please be aware of keeping 2 meters apart from staff, there are floor stickers to help with this. 

we would like to greatly thank everyone who takes these rules seriously and helps us keep everyone safe. Staff will be wearing a mask and cleaning the entrance screen and surfaces after every person has left. 

please do not try to enter the store without a mask or with an inappropriate form of face covering you will not be served with out one and will be asked to leave if you refuse to wear a mask. If your against wearing masks (apart from for medical reasons) then please shop online.