Buying live stock 

All visitors must wear a face mask when inside the store. We do not allow face shields on their own, bandanas or clothing pulled over the nose. Medically exempt customers are only allowed in the front visitor area without a mask and we ask any one who is exempt to please consider if its important to visit without a mask as it still potentially exposes the store to higher risks.  

All livestock purchases are final so please make sure you have researched your chosen pet before purchase and can care for it properly.

we will not sell to anyone who can not properly care for the chosen animal.

If your livestock dies or becomes unwell please contact us and we will happily advise as needed or if you have any doubts about the animals behaviour or well being please ask we are always happy to give advise. All livestock is guaranteed for 24 hours providing no negligence has occurred on behalf of the customer. we also reserve the right to refuse refunds at any point. 

Purchasing corals: 

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions we will happily send you more pictures or measurements of specific coral if desired we are here to help make sure you get the coral you want. 

All corals are under our 48 hours guarantee. If you need to a refund we do require water sample readings and photo proof of death or disease. 

We keep our water quality very good but still advise not using it in your own system as we are not responsible for any introduction of pests or diseases. 

All sales are final we can not exchange any livestock or issue refunds on healthy livestock. 

we do our best to get a coral similar to the photo provided but can not guarantee its the exact same coral colours and sizes may vary. 

Once purchased we will send you a message on your delivery time we only use UPS for coral as it is next day and they only use their own full time employees. Dispatch dates will be as soon as possible but please be aware that under the current conditions there may be small delays in finding a collection slot for delivery as they are very busy. It is the customers responsibility to be at home or have someone at home on the day of delivery.