Buying live stock 

Current world events have meant that we have chosen to change the way we do business for the next couple of moths. From the 21st of March until the 1st of May there will be a in person visitor suspension. Meaning no customers will be allowed inside the shop during this time. However that dose not mean we are not still trading as always. We have worked very hard to put most of the store into our online store and can offer all dry goods at a flat rate of £7 delivery fee or use our park and collect for all goods its free and easy to use. 

Livestock can still be purchased but there are a few changes: 

new customers will need to send us a photo of the terrarium or aquarium along with details of the set up as we will not be able to do the usual in depth face to face conversation. 

upon approval once the livestock is paid for you will need to book a park and collect time and date by using our online booking system or contacting us directly by email, phone or facebook PM. We have ample parking outside of the shop so simply pull up on your collection date and time and we will bring your livestock out to your car wearing disposable gloves to limit contact and maintain social distancing. 

All livestock payments can be made by requesting a pay pal invoice this is safe and secure and avoids handling cash. 

We hope that everyone will understand and stand by us on trying to make things safer and easier for everyone. This new process is very easy to arrange and allows us to still sell all livestock including aquatics